UPDATE - Garage destroyed by fire

People in a quiet corner of Brackley were woken by exploding gas cylinders after a garage caught fire in Swan Close yesterday, Thursday.

Garage fire at Swan Close, Brackley.
Garage fire at Swan Close, Brackley. 130711M-D583

Neighbours reported debris being blown into the street but fortunately no one was injured.

Neighbour Alex Britchfield said: “We were just lying in bed at about 6.30am when we heard a large explosion and the blinds in our bedroom lifted up, from the shock wave we assume.

“We looked out of the window and saw the garage door from the house next door lying in two pieces in the road. “I ran outside to try to raise the people in the house where the explosion had happen, I think they were already out and were just trying to move cars and bits and pieces ready for the fire brigade to turn up.

Swan Close garage fire

He added: “The family are fine, no injuries whatsoever, the fire was just isolated to the garage fortunately.

“But I imagine they would be a bit shook up. It’s not the usual way to be woken up in the morning.”

Incident commander station manager Kevin Denham said: “On arrival, the crews were confronted with a rapidly developing fire involving two garages.

“The fire had impacted two garden barbecues, one of the barbecue cylinders had exploded and caused structural damage to the garage to the point where the garage collapsed.

Mr Denham said injuries were avoided partly due to the early hour of the day.

He said:“From a firefighters perspective, obviously safety of the residents was the priority and everybody was safe.

“At that time of day most people were in bed or getting up.

“The garage wasn’t part of the domestic structure, which also made a difference.”