Two men sentenced after burglary in Chipping Norton

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Two men have been sentenced over a burglary in Chipping Norton.

Leonard (known as Lenny) Trinder, 29, of Fox Close, Chipping Norton pleaded guilty to one count of burglary and one count of taking without consent at Oxford Crown Court on April 15 and was sentenced to two years on the same day at the same court.

He was charged on June 22 last year.

Michael Lewin, also 29, of Abingdon Road, Oxford was found guilty of one count of burglary and one count of taking without consent at Oxford Crown Court on the same day.

He was sentenced to two years, suspended for 18 months.

He was given a four-month curfew and ordered to pay £500 compensation. He was charged on September 2.

The court heard on May 28, 2015, between 2am and 3am, a woman was asleep in the front bedroom of her home in West Street. She was woken up by banging on the front door, which sounded like someone falling into the door or kicking it. She turned the lights on upstairs and the noise stopped.

She went downstairs to check. She saw and heard nothing further so went back up to bed.

At about 4.30am two police officers were driving down West Street away from the town centre when they saw a Mazda parked at an odd angle. The car had no one in it but the engine was running.

A large plastic container was on the pavement by the car. The documentation inside the vehicle showed an address in West Street.

Officers woke up the occupants of the property who discovered they had been burgled and personal effects such as a wallet and cash had been stolen.

Det Con Kevin Middlecote, of Thames Valley CID said: “These are two local offenders committing crime in the local area, in and around where they live. I hope the sentences given out will reassure the local community that local offenders and local crime will be dealt with quickly and efficiently and bring the offenders to justice.”