Truck crashes into central reservation on M40 between Banbury and Gaydon

One lane of the M40 is closed after a truck crashed into the central reservation between Banbury and Gaydon this morning (Tuesday, October 31).
Police AccidentPolice Accident
Police Accident

Highways England tweeted a vehicle hit the central barriers between junctions 12 for Gaydon and 11 for Banbury at around 9.20am.

West Midlands Ambulance Service was called to the incident at around 9.50am by South Central Ambulance Service.

A WMAS spokesman said a truck had been in a collision with a tree in the central reservation but no one was seriously hurt or needed to go to hospital.

Lanes on both sides of the motorway were initially closed but the southbound lane reopened at about 9.50am, leaving the northbound far right lane shut.