Trinders Bros in Banbury to increase their space

Trinders Bros on Broad Street in Banbury. NNL-160330-090709001
Trinders Bros on Broad Street in Banbury. NNL-160330-090709001

A popular toy and model shop in Banbury will be expanding as they move into a bigger space just metres from where they are currently based.

Trinders Bros has been trading in the town centre since the start of the 20th Century at its shop at 4 Broad Street, but from next week owners Peter Allison and his wife Hilary willstart moving the shop’s huge collection of toys and models to their other business Banbury Cycles at number 56.

The plan is to store the toys and models in an under utilised area of the cycle shop, which also has a sandwich bar and is bigger than where Trinders Bros are currently trading. Mr Allison added that the move is likely to take a while and has estimated to be completed by the end of May.

He said: “The bike shop has a huge area upstairs which is only used for storage. We built an extension back in 1984 and it has 5,500 sq ft so it is a good opportunity to expand the toy shop.

“There is a lot of competition in the town which is healthy but you would be amazed at what people spend on toys here.

“We have two types of clientele in the shop, with the enthusiasts who are train builders or modelmakers heading upstairs and the grandparents with the younger generation downstairs. Both work really well.”

The initial business started as Trinder and Osborne in 1906 which kept toys and records and even serviced motorbikes.

Mr Allison and his wife took on the running of the two-storey building back in 2000 after previous owner Bob Buzzard’s retirement, and bought the bike shop four years earlier in 1996.

The downstairs of the store features a v ast range of toys for boys and girls, with the upstairs stocks various model kits.

And Mr Allison has also spoken about the changing times of the business in the 21st Century, but praised the loyalty of his dedicated customers.

He said: “It is just a lot more competitive now, apart from the internet which is taking business off people like bricks and mortar.

“We do a lot of stuff on social media but we still have an incredible amount of loyal customers. We have had hundreds of replies to the email I sent saying we were moving to bigger premises saying it is great news and that they love coming into the shop. I am amazed by the loyalty in this town.”

And once all the stock has been moved from the current shop, Mr Allison said the building would be put on the market to be sold, with a few parties already believedto be interested.

He added: “We have run the business for the last 16 years but feel if we can get it all together we can have a cross formation of bikes with toys and models and a bacon sandwich!

“We have got ten members of staff currently working for us and the business is continuing to do well because we are very competitive and stock everything from Lego to Hornby.

“On top of that we have got very knowledgable staff who know what they are talking about.”