Travel company boss celebrates 10 years in business

Star UK Travel
Star UK Travel

A well-known Banbury character and chairman of Banbury United FC is celebrating 10 years since opening his coach tour travel business.

Ronnie Johnson set up Star UK Travel in late 2006.

He is also known for his lengthy spell at Jeffs Travel in Banbury.

Star UK Travel is based in Broad Street, with Ronnie’s brother Wayne, and son’s girlfriend Laura Thomas making up the office team.

Ronnie, pictured right, said: “I have been in the industry for over 30 years supplying travel to the Banbury locality and I am very proud to have offered this service transporting nearly 500,00 clients over the many years.

“I have served people as teenagers in the early years of business, and they are now travelling with me with their grandchildren.

“It really has been a unique and at times an emotional journey as you really do build up friendships within the travel office, meeting and greeting trips and whilst out on tour.

“It is a real joy to see the excitement and anticipation of so many people, young and old alike, as they depart Banbury on board the coach heading for the seaside, entertainment venue or holiday.

“The leisure industry has given me so many memories over the years and Banbury has been a wonderful town for myself and the business.”