Taxi prices: How Banburyshire compares with the rest of the UK

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When Uber lost its licence to operate in London last month, attention turned to the black cab taxi industry which had campaigned against the tech giant.

Some complain that traditional black cab fares are too expensive, but how do they compare across the country?

Research by Private Hire Taxi Monthly is done on a monthly basis and compares fares for a two-mile journey by local authorities, based on four passengers.

Each of the local authorities are also compared from when they last had a tariff increase.

The price of a two-mile journey for four people in Cherwell district comes in at £5.56, 222nd highest in the country.

It’s a bit dearer over the border in Stratford-upon-Avon district, where it is 6.20 on average.

But in South Northamptonshire, it is much cheaper with it costing £5, 317th in the UK out of 369 councils. There is no data for South Oxfordshire.

The cheapest taxis in the UK

It’s good news for those in South Kesteven and Hartlepool (£4.10), as those areas rank as cheapest and second cheapest in the country respectively.

The Lincolnshire council district’s average fare of just £3.50 is a £5.70 difference from Luton Airport, which takes the crown as the most expensive place to hail a cab.

More populous areas on the cheaper end of the scale include Sunderland and Preston (both £5.40), Cardiff (£5.59) and Portsmouth at £5.60.

Those on the Western Isles get the cheapest deal in Scotland, paying just £4.20 on average, while the Blaenau Gwent area is the cheapest taxi spot in Wales – £4.30.

The most expensive taxis in the UK

When it comes to the most expensive areas, those close to busy airports are unsurprisingly top of the list.

Passengers going in and out of Luton Airport can expect to pay £9.20 on average, while Heathrow passengers will be charged £7.20.

The capital also comes with predictably pricey fares; passengers in Watford (£8.40), Epsom & Ewell (£7.20) and Dartford (£7.00) all feel the effect of being so close to London, while those in the city itself face an average fare of £7.20.

East Lothian is the most expensive Scottish area (£6.80), while in the most expensive area of Wales (Carmarthenshire), a two-mile trip will cost £6.00.

Brighton (£6.80), Bristol and Leeds (£6.20) are all north of six pounds, while cities like Glasgow (£5.80), Manchester (£5.70) and Edinburgh (£5.60) hover around a national average fare of about £5.70.

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