Discuss how to make best of 499 Banbury-Brackley bus ending

A 499 bus coming out from Banbury Bus Station. NNL-180130-162945009
A 499 bus coming out from Banbury Bus Station. NNL-180130-162945009

Bus users are invited to share their predicaments for when the 499 service ends at a meeting this Saturday (July 7) to see if a solution can be found.

Northamptonshire County Council has cut the subsidy for the bus which goes from Brackley to Banbury via Evenley, Aynho and King’s Sutton, with the service ending on July 21.

Aynho Parish Council has organised the meeting to see if an alternative can be found after discovering that funding their own bus would cost too much.

Council clerk Chris Wilson said: “At the moment we don’t really know how the effect of the bus ending but there are people without cars, plus a lot of school kids and young people who use it.

“But we don’t really know about them so we want people to come and say what they use the bus for so we can try to meet their needs.”

Aynho Parish Council along with other affected parish councils found the amount to fund the bus would be around £70,000 per annum.

A survey shows the service is used approximately 210 times by Aynho residents monthly, equating to 20 per cent of all travellers.

The potential cost to keep a service could be around £14,000 per annum, which would be more than half of the parish council’s budget.

Councillors are discussing a service of one bus in and out of Banbury, and other suggestions include convincing a supermarket to run a weekly bus.

Anyone is welcome to the meeting at Aynho Village Hall from 10.30am to 11.30am, where fellow users can discuss potential solutions to the bus service ending.

For more information, email Mr Wilson on clerk@aynho.org.