Traders to spring into action for town party

Sophie Menday and Kaye Hinton from Pulse Tattoo pictured at last year's Old Town party in Banbury.
Sophie Menday and Kaye Hinton from Pulse Tattoo pictured at last year's Old Town party in Banbury.

Old Town traders are being asked to get on board with a spring party being held in 
Banbury in May.

Banbury Town Council and the Old Town Traders’ Association have organised the event to highlight Banbury’s shopping areas – Parsons Street, the Lanes and the Walks.

It will be a chance for traders to showcase their businesses.

Old Town parties were previously organised by Cherwell District Council and the Old Town Traders’ Association.

The Spring Party is being held on May 2 and will be followed by the summer party on September 5.

It is hoped the two parties will put the spotlight on Banbury Old Town.

Councillor Colin Clarke, chairman of the organising committee said: “Banbury’s old shopping streets are important to the town.

“They should be busy and thriving and the town council will do its best to achieve that. But we need shopkeepers and other business owners to do their part in promoting the area – for the good of everyone.

“In days gone by, the old streets were the heart of Banbury and it is our intention they retain that special atmosphere and provide the unique shopping opportunities that can’t be found in modern malls and superstores.”

He urged all traders in the Old Town areas to contact Banbury Town Council to talk about what they can do to make the Spring Party a success.

He said: “We want to convince people the old shopping areas are worth visiting on a regular basis – not just when there is a special event.”

Barry Whitehouse, joint chairman of the Old Town Traders’ Association said: “It highlights what a lovely place Banbury is as a destination in general not just for shopping.

“It shows what the traders can get up to with us all in costume, with window displays and performers and music. It shows Banbury at its best and gives visitors a chance to see what shops there are in the town.

“Traders always love the Old Town Party. It is a good way for us to have a little bit of fun and to say thank you to the customers for choosing to shop with us.

“There is always a bit of secret competition between the traders over whose window will be the best.”

He added he was still working with the organising committee on deciding what activities there would be on the day – but they would be ‘arty’.

The theme will be spring with flowers and garlands on display.

Mr Whitehouse said: “The party always happens on a Saturday so it is one of the few occasions which happens on a day when the shops are open. There is always a really good atmosphere around the town.”

Shop owners do not have to be members of the traders’ association to take part.

To get involved, people should contact Banbury Town Council on 01295 250340.

Last year’s Old Town Party had a 1940s theme.