Tories increase dominance of West Oxon

THE Conservatives increased their stranglehold on West Oxfordshire District Council.

They won ten of the 15 wards up for grabs in Thursday's election, a net gain of two seats.

Labour's Eve Coles retained Chipping Norton, while the Conservatives held Kingham, Rollright and Enstone after Andrew Beaney was elected.

The Tories lost Carterton South to the Liberal Democrats by just one vote but gained seats in Witney Central, Witney East and Witney North.

This all means that Conservatives now hold 35 of the 49 seats on the council, although this could rise to 36 after next month's by-election in Carterton North East.

Results, including the number of votes:

Alvescot and Filkins - Con hold

David McFarlane

Conservative - Uncontested election

Bampton and Clanfield - Con hold

Mark Booty


Gill Workman

Liberal Democrat 155

Gill Edmonds

Green Party 123

Carterton North West - Con hold

Pete Handley

Conservative 784

John Anthony Lilly

Liberal Democrat 264

Carterton North East Ward election postponed to June 21 Previously Conservative

Carterton South - Lib Dem gain

Peter Madden

Liberal Democrat 493

Harry Watts

Conservative 492

Charlbury and Finstock - Lib Dem hold

Mike Breakell

Liberal Democrat 790

Gill Hill

Conservative 579

Harriet Marshall

Green Party 128

Chipping Norton - Lab hold

Eve Coles

Labour 958

Michael Tysoe

Conservative 795

Keith Greenwell

Independent 272

Eynsham and Cassington - Lib Dem hold

Richard Andrews

Liberal Democrat 910

Jane Doughty

Conservative 685

Xanthe Bevis

Green Party 124

Jonathan Miller

UKIP 134

Hailey, Minster Lovell and Leafield - Con hold

Warwick Robinson

Conservative 809

Elizabeth Mortimer

Liberal Democrat 230

Andrew Coles

Green Party 155

Kingham, Rollright and Enstone - Con hold

Andrew Beaney

Conservative 885

Melanie Deans

Labour 151

Brian Luney

Green Party 132

Christopher Tatton

Liberal Democrat 121

Stonesfield and Tackley - Indp hold

Charles Cottrell-Dormer

Independent 895

Susan Turnbull

Green Party 365

Witney Central - Con gain

Nick Buckle

Conservative 569

Phillip Edney

Labour 201

Brenda Churchill

Liberal Democrat 172

Sandra Simpson

Green Party 124

Witney East - Con gain

Alan Davies

Conservative 959

Duncan Enright

Labour 280

David Nicholson

Liberal Democrat 242

Enid Dossett-Davies

Green Party 182

Witney North - Con gain

Richard Langridge

Conservative 588

Richard Dossett-Davies

Green Party 368

Serena Martin

Liberal Democrat 189

Witney South - Con hold

Alvin Adams

Conservative 849

David Wesson

Labour 215

June Tayler

Liberal Democrat 179

Jill Jones

Green Party 169

David Phipps

UKIP 126

Witney West

Harry Eaglestone

Conservative 723

Stephen Mohammad

Green Party 189

Overall Turnout: 38.22%