Time Team professor to talk at Warmington history group dinner

Carenza Lewis, formerly from Channel Four's Time Team. Photo: Denise Bradley NNL-170408-095021001
Carenza Lewis, formerly from Channel Four's Time Team. Photo: Denise Bradley NNL-170408-095021001

One of the original members of archaeology TV show Time Team will be talking about how you can find Black Death history in your back garden in Arlescote later this year.

Professor Carenza Lewis will be speaking at Warmington Heritage Group’s first annual dinner at Primrose Hill Barn on Friday, October 13.

The former Time Team stalwart has agreed to help the group, which has found two hordes of Roman coins around the village, raise money for its archaeological work.

Group chairman Sue Baxter said they are very excited to have the well-known university professor with so much knowledge on archaeology coming to captivate the dinner guests.

“Carenza is a professor at Lincoln University and interested in getting the community involved in archaeological excavations and discoveries so that’s perfect for us,” Sue said.

“We would like for as many people to come as possible to try to raise funds for the group.

“It will be a great dinner in a very nice venue and we are all quite excited to have her speak afterwards.”

In July 2008, the group excavated a hoard of 1,141 silver roman denarii, later declared a treasure trove by the coroner and valued at £60,000.

The coins range from circa 206BC to 64AD and give a rare snapshot of the coins in circulation at the time of its deposit, from Republican to Pompey, Mark Antony, Julius Caeser, through to Augustus, Claudius and Nero.

Their find, now on display at Warwick Museum, remains the largest Roman hoard unearthed in the county and West Midlands and possibly the biggest in the country from this period.

Since this first trove was discovered, a second hoard of around 450 coins was discovered by the group and is currently with the British Museum in London.

Sue said Carenza was impressed by their finds and was more than willing to speak at their event.

Tickets for the dinner are £40 per person and include pre-dinner drinks and a three course meal. It starts at 7.30pm.

Other Warmington Heritage Group finds and displays will be on display too.

To book, email Sue on 
baxtersue@btconnect.com or call 01295 691011.