Tickets still available for Middleton Cheney's Sunday panto featuring X-Factor star as God

Celebrity voiceover artist Peter Dickson - the man behind the X-Factor introductions - has stepped in to be the Voice of God for an innovative children's nativity play.
Peter Dickson. Picture by Sally Rose McCormack.Peter Dickson. Picture by Sally Rose McCormack.
Peter Dickson. Picture by Sally Rose McCormack.

Mr Dickson, who runs an international voiceover training business in Banbury, provides audio for the play, in which God tries to rekindle the message of love on earth - but nasty Herod has other plans and closes the Horton’s maternity unit to ‘high risk’ mothers.

In a modern world of laptops, emojis and smartphones, specialist care is now miles away in Oxford and the virgin Mary gives birth in a bus on a layby on the A34.

The Middleton Cheney children’s theatre group Just Kidz had been tirelessly rehearsing the Not the Nativity for their December productions performed at the Middleton Cheney Primary Academy.

“I’m delighted to take on a Godly role for this clever panto and if it does anything to highlight the need for a local hospital for mums such as Mary to give birth in, I will be even happier,” said Mr Dickson.

“I must say giving birth in a bus on the A34 sounds a bit perilous.”

Mr Dickson - also the voice of Money Saving Expert adverts and countless TV and radio commercials, was voted as having one of the top three iconic voices of the decade.

Known as Voiceover Man, he runs voiceover courses for Gravy for the Brain with sound and casting specialist Hugh Edwards from studios in Mewburn Road, Banbury.

Kay Stevens, director of Just Kids, said: “It’s wonderful. We’re so grateful Peter is going to be part of our play. It will make it so special. Rehearsals will be so much fun.

“We hope Peter may even consider coming to see it.”

Tickets for the Sunday, December 11 shows, either starting at 4pm or 6.30pm, are just £3 and £1.50 for concessions.

Please email Liz Williams for tickets at [email protected] with the number you require, and for which performance time.

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