Sylvie uses memories of home’s residents

Sylvie Nickels with her new book NNL-141124-155036001
Sylvie Nickels with her new book NNL-141124-155036001

Author Sylvie Nickels launches a collection of short stories at Featherton House residential home in Deddington tomorrow (Friday).

Miss Nickels’ inspiration for many of the stories comes from talking to the elderly residents of Featherton House.

Their extraordinary memories were recounted to Miss Nickels, 84, during a period she spent at the home recovering from illness.

“I found a haven there and encountered some memorable people who had done remarkable things in their lives and carers who are still doing remarkable things,” she said.

“I have created an anthology of stories whose seeds lie among those residents, their relatives and carers or in many cases the treasurehouse of memories from my life with George Spenceley, my late husband and very best pal.

“The title of the book, It’ll Be Better Tomorrow, is George’s. Whenever I expressed concern about his health or the future invariably he respondeed ‘it’ll be better tomorrow’.”

Miss Nickels’ friend and fellow author Ian Mathie said: “Sylvie is coming into her prime as a consummate writer with a line of fascinating novels, short stories and travel books on her bookshelf.

“Her understanding of people’s feelings, intentions and behaviour comes from many years of detailed people watching.”