Stray Ghost finds his musical feet

A former Chenderit School student and self taught musician released his ninth album last week as he approaches one of lives turning points.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 28th November 2018, 2:39 pm
Updated Tuesday, 8th January 2019, 9:02 pm
Anthony  Baden Saggers aka Stray Ghost (courtesy Steve Gullick) NNL-181127-120323001
Anthony Baden Saggers aka Stray Ghost (courtesy Steve Gullick) NNL-181127-120323001

Anthony Baden Saggers has been producing music to critical acclaim since 2007. His latest release, A Shade Under Thirty, came out last Friday.

His music, like his recording name Stray Ghost, has an ethereal quality, unencumbered by lyrical narrative. The multi-instrumentalist’s path into the world of music was not a typical one.

A Shade Under Thirty - Stray Ghost's lastest release

Anthony said: “I came from a very humble background and my father couldn’t really afford musical instruments or lessons when I was a kid.

“I just started learning computer production at first. We had an old beat up PC and I started making music on that then it developed and I bought a guitar around the age of 20 and started playing piano later on.”

Correlating to the discovery and mastery of musical instruments Stray Ghost’s musical maturity can be tracked from his eponymous debut 2007 release through to A Shade Under Thirty.

Anthony said: “My older music was kind of sound collages and ambient music then out of that I started to get a feel for creating music.

“As I got older my tastes changed to what it is now. I guess you would call it classical music for want of a better term.”

Now living in Brighton, Anthony’s melancholic sound has been influenced in part by fellow Brighton resident Nick Cave.

Anthony said: “I’ve bumped into Nick a few times. I’m a huge acolyte of Nick Cave’s. One of the songs on the album is actually for Nick and I will be dropping him off a vinyl copy when it arrives.”

Although Stray Ghost’s music is deeply layered the foundation upon which his sound is built is primarily the piano enabling it to transfer well to a live setting.

Stray Ghost hopes to be touring in the new year as well as undertaking a number of other side projects.

Anthony said: “The next year or so hopefully will be very interesting.”

Stray Ghost’s music is available from Amazon, Spotify and iTunes and can be heard on Soundcloud.

You can also follow Stray Ghost via Facebook and Twitter using hashtags #StrayGhost #modernclassical #newmusicfriday #piano