Stranded Banbury motorist thanks 'Good Samaritan' ambulance driver who came to her rescue

Anne Cooper next to her car which was fixed by the 'Good Samaritan' ambulance driver
Anne Cooper next to her car which was fixed by the 'Good Samaritan' ambulance driver

A Banbury woman wants to thank the ‘Good Samaritan’ ambulance driver who came to her rescue while stranded on a busy main road.

Anne Cooper’s car broke down on a bend on the A4260 near Deddington due to a damaged wheel while travelling home from work on Friday evening.

Out of the blue an ambulance parked behind her and the driver removed and replaced the wheel before following her back to Adderbury to make sure the car was okay.

Ms Cooper said it was ‘so lovely’ of the paramedic to do that but all she knows is his first name, Sam, so she wanted to make her gratitude public.

“It was really quite scary as there I was grinding to a halt on the bend on the Banbury road before Deddington and a lot of people were flying past me,” she said.

“But then the ambulance pulled up and this wonderful man came and said, ‘let’s see what we can do’. He did everything and then followed me back.

“I think he deserves recognition as he didn’t have to do that, he must be so busy but such a good person, he was just brilliant.”

Ms Cooper, who works for charity Cecily’s Fund in Witney, damaged her wheel on her drive home, which gave up just before she got to Deddington at around 8pm.

She fears an accident could have happened had the ambulance driver not come to her aid.

Ms Cooper said Sam told her he had passed her but was so concerned that he turned around to help.

She believes he is a great ambassador for the ambulance service and shows what ‘amazing people’ they recruit.

She even wrote to South Central Ambulance Service chief executive Will Hancock to say ‘thank you’ once again.

SCAS is yet to track down ‘Sam’, who Ms Cooper believed was based in Kidlington but was from Manchester.

But a spokesman said: “It’s great to hear that Sam went out of his way to help this stranded motorist at what could have been a dangerous part of the road to breakdown.

“His actions demonstrate just how committed our staff are to helping people in their local community.”