Stitchers plan funds event for Horton cancer unit

Jenny Feeney
Jenny Feeney

Banbury women undergoing mastectomies will find a comfort bag on their bed thanks to a group of kind-hearted stitchers.

Sewing expert and teacher Jenny Feeney is repeating her Hearts and Hands initiative, started in 2014, where patients receive a hand made drawstring bag full of comfort items.

And next Wednesday, May 23 from 10.30am - 1pm, she and other stitchers will hold a coffee morning in Bodicote church hall to raise funds for the costs involved.

“The bags we make and fill cost about £3 - £4 each and we hope to make 50 for the Brodey Centre to give to women who have had surgery,” she said.

“We fill them with small heart shaped cushions, a lavender bag, some toiletries including soap, a shower gel, shampoo and conditioner, a scrunchie shower sponge and also a ‘love note’ - a message of support and encouragement. We even pop in a bubble wand.

“The heart-shaped cushion is to ease the discomfort of the seat belt on the way home from hospital.”

Mrs Feeney is appealing for stitchers to help production and for supporters to go along to the fund raising event. Mr Feeney, a founder member of the Banbury Cross Sewing Circle, now runs the Country Clover Company and teaches sewing and machine and hand quilting.

Volunteers can be sent a patterns for the items by email or through the mail.

“We have done this twice before and people have really valued and appreciated the comfort bags,” said Ms Feeney.

“I first got the idea about 20 years ago when my mother had breast cancer at 41.

“She had a similar bag which she found on the bed when she woke up from her operation in New York. And I’ve kept her drawstring bag which I use when travelling.

“It takes the edge of a miserable time for women who have had to undergo a mastectomy,” she said.

For information on the Hands and Hearts production see or visit their Facebook page.