Star from Mamma Mia at arts academy summer school

Danielle Buick Academy of Theatre Arts summer school at Middleton Cheney
Danielle Buick Academy of Theatre Arts summer school at Middleton Cheney

Students at the Danielle Buick Academy of Theatre Arts held their annual summer school in Middleton Cheney when they welcomed West End star Louise Young, from the smash hit musical Mamma Mia.

She held at workshop, teaching them the finale dance to Waterloo that takes place on the London stage.

Louise said: “It was a pleasure to come and meet everyone at Danielle Buicks Academy. There was so much talent in the one room and I hope to see many of these dancers on stage with me one day.”

Principal Danielle Buick said: “It was an amazing experience for all the pupils to meet Louise - she was so friendly and gave everyone so much encouragement. She was a true inspiration to all.”

Also visiting was Blake Curtis Woodcock, a Bollywood film star, who taught the students a dance from some of the films she has appeared in.

Caitlin and Sophie Gold, aged 10 and 6, said: “It was a fun packed four days full of laughter and friendships. It was amazing to see Louise on the stage in London a few weeks ago but so much better seeing and performing with her in person. Blake’s an amazing dancer and it was great to see her.”

Aimee Tuzzio, from Middleton Cheney, added: “This week was so much fun. Lots of children of all ages and abilities had a blast doing lots of different activities such as dance, singing and crafts.”

New student to DBATA Jessica Dews added: “Summer camp was amazing. Louise from Mamma Mia was so talented and lovely. I really enjoyed the giant hungry hippos game Miss Danielle organised.”

Funds from the summer school will be going towards a new studio which is being purpose built for DBATA.

For more details on future summer schools or to join the academy contact Miss Danielle on 07930 680399 or