Staff evacuated after fire at Fine Lady Bakeries factory

Fine Lady Bakeries
Fine Lady Bakeries

Staff at Fine Lady Bakeries were evacuated after a fire in the roof of the Banbury factory this morning (Thursday, October 25).

Two fire engines from Banbury and one from Hook Norton were mobilised to a fire at the bakery on Southam Road at 10.25am.

A fire service spokesman said: “Upon arrival it became clear that the fire involved an extractor unit on the roof of the bakery, which was subsequently extinguished quickly using on-site extinguishers.

“The site engineering team carried out an evacuation of the factory in conjunction with fire crews.

“With all staff evacuated, a thermal image camera and specialist cutting equipment were used to establish that there was no fire spread to any other parts of the roof or building.

“Once this was ascertained and in conjunction with staff, it was deemed safe for the staff to re-enter the factory.

“This incident was dealt with safely and effectively due to the liaison of crews and onsite staff which allowed the incident to be resolved with minimal disruption to the site’s business.”