Spreading the word to boost Banbury

Banbury High Street ENGNNL00120130521130144
Banbury High Street ENGNNL00120130521130144

An innovative project to help promote Banbury as a great place to live, visit and work is starting to gather pace.

Visit Banbury is the brainchild of Tim Tarby-Donald, who has been working hard on the social enterprise to generate a positive image of the town and provide opportunities for people to help contribute in the future.

Mr Tarby-Donald said: “I am having to pinch myself to be honest. We are all feeling very positive about this and think we have got something that is right and different, everyone we have spoken to about it has given us some fantastic comments. The project is in its early foundations at the moment but we are certainly looking at opportunities for other people to get involved.”

Mr Tarby-Donald works with a group of seven volunteers and has set up a Visit Banbury Twitter and Instagram page to help promote his project.

A Banbury Positivity Summit at Rye Hill Golf Club near Milcombe was held last Friday and it is hoped a public meeting can be organised within the next six weeks.

The project has also created a promotional video, which involved speaking to businesses in the town centre. Since being uploaded on Youtube and Vimeo it has been viewed more than 3,000 times. Mr Tarby-Donald said: “I was asking people on Twitter what we could do to help promote the town and people mentioned doing something like this with pictures.

“What we are trying to create is that community feel where people look out for each other, whether they are a neighbour or a business. It is trying to promote Banbury as a kind and friendly place to be.

“I have had some amazing support from lots of people, including Greg Heath at Rye Hill who offered to hold the positivity event for free, and Ian Gentles of the Banbury Business Network.”

To view the promotional video of Banbury visit https://visitbanbury.wordpress.com/