Souper idea for a fundraiser

Leyla Folwell of Wigwam Ceramics
Leyla Folwell of Wigwam Ceramics

Two fundraisers have joined forces with Whichford Pottery and Wigwam Ceramics to bring a unique event from America to Warwickshire.

In Cincinnati the annual Empty Bowls event has become so successful that it is held over two days with three sittings each day.

The event will be held on Saturday, February 21 at Whichford Pottery in its new Straw Kitchen café and in the Octagon exhibition space where participating ceramicists will be exhibiting their art. People are invited to go along and enjoy a bowl of homemade soup and then take away a beautiful bowl of their choice, designed by an artist specifically for this event.

For the first of what will hopefully be a yearly event, the funds raised will be shared between two charities Shipston Home Nursing and the SMA Trust.

Tickets (£15) are available from Pippa or Suzie on 07778 845318/07989 568764.