Site for a new town secondary school revealed

The school should reopen tomorrow
The school should reopen tomorrow

Plans to build a secondary school on the same site as a potential new home for Banbury United Football Club have been revealed.

The site proposed in Cherwell District Council’s Local Plan as a new home for Banbury United is about 16 hectares to the south of Banbury Rugby 
Club and fronting the Oxford Road. But it has now been revealed that any land not required by the football club would be examined as a potential location for a new secondary school.

Oxfordshire County Council has indicated additional secondary school places will be needed in Banbury during the Local Plan period and that about 8.4 hectares would need to be reserved for school provision.

If part of the Oxford Road site is considered suitable for a new secondary school, there would an opportunity for shared sports facilities between Banbury United and the school. In addition, any land not required by the football club or for a school would be used for formal sports provision to help address the identified shortage of pitches in the district.

Owen Morton, spokes­person for Oxfordshire County Council, said: “The council has identified future need for additional secondary school places associated with planned residential development in Banbury.

“This could require the construction of a new secondary school and we are working with Cherwell District Council to identify possible sites for this.”

Adrian Colwell, head of strategic planning and economy at CDC, added: “The football club does not own its current [Spencer Stadium] site but has a short-term lease to use the ground. The existing site lies within the area of land at Canalside, which the council is promoting for redevelopment under the Cherwell Local Plan.

“Redevelopment of the existing football stadium is considered an important component of the regeneration proposals and it is therefore necessary to identify a suitable relocation site for the club.”

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