Sikh Holocaust commemorated

Banbury Sikhs commemorate the Sikh Holocaust
Banbury Sikhs commemorate the Sikh Holocaust

Members of Banbury Sikh community travelled together to central London on Sunday, June 5, to join thousands of Sikhs from across the country to commemorate the ‘Sikh Holocaust’ of June 1984.

The massacre resulted in countless casualties and the destruction of Sikhs’ holiest shrines in the city of Amritsar, the Sikh homeland of Punjab.

Councillor Surinder Dhesi, who attended the event, said: “I feel it is important every year to attend this event to show solidarity with the victims of the June 1984 holocaust, and November 1984 anti-Sikh genocide.

“Sikhs even today are facing injustices, like other minorities in India, and being at this event shows that we stand for those that cannot raise their voice.”

Sikhism teacher Manvir Singh said: “Until there is accountability for these human rights violations, minority communities will continue to feel isolated and aliened in India.”