Shoppers grab selfies with David Beckham in Banbury B&Q

David Beckham was spotted in Banbury B&QDavid Beckham was spotted in Banbury B&Q
David Beckham was spotted in Banbury B&Q
Shoppers were left starstruck as David Beckham was spotted with his daughter Harper Seven in B&Q in Banbury yesterday (Sunday, December 17).

'Golden Balls' posed for selfies and photos in the DIY store on Southam Road with members of the public and staff.

Craig Wyatt, from King's Sutton, said he was initially hard to recognise as he was 'dressed as a farmer' but after a double take he realised who was in the same aisle.

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"Me and my fiance are moving out to our new house and were moving stuff in all weekend but we needed some bits from B&Q so I went with my dad," he said.

"I went to the section I needed and looked around saw him but I had to keep looking to check it was him as he was dressed in a farmer's outfit, it was a proper disguise.

"But I just approached him and asked for a photo, he was really friendly, he had his daughter with him and another girl, possibly his niece, but it was really good.

"He was just walking around like a normal person and you don't expect to see David Beckham in a farmer's outfit, normally he's in posh clothes."

The Beckhams have been building a house close to the members club, Soho Farmhouse, outside Great Tew.