Shop owner and staff target of crime wave

Vijay Patel of Bridge Stores, Cropredy. NNL-160501-134436009
Vijay Patel of Bridge Stores, Cropredy. NNL-160501-134436009

A shop owner in Cropredy has been the victim of petty theft and harassment over the past month.

Vijay Patel, who runs Bridge Store, in the High Street, says items including sweets have been stolen from his shop and he has experienced abuse from a few customers.

He said: “Some have been stealing sweets and claiming they have bought something they haven’t.

“It has happened seven times since the beginning of December.

“Some have been angry towards staff when they stand up to them.”

He added there had also been people claiming to have previously shown shop staff their ID when buying alcohol and cigarettes.

In the most recent incident this week, several cans of Red Bull were stolen from the shop.

Officers from Thames Valley Police have visited the shop and taken away security camera footage, but so far no-one has been caught. He said police advised him to ban the offending customers from the shop and then call the police if they refused to leave.

Mr Patel said he was disappointed in the reaction of the police. A TVP spokesperson said: “The incidents have been reported to us and they are under investigation.”

The police were unable to comment further at the time of going to press.