Shipston charity duo overwhelmed at Royal Wedding

Hayley Ash (left) and Tessa Hince with BBC presenter Ore Oduba NNL-180522-171115001
Hayley Ash (left) and Tessa Hince with BBC presenter Ore Oduba NNL-180522-171115001

Two charity workers invited to Windsor for the Royal Wedding said it was ‘overwhelming’ to be part of such a momentous occasion.

Tessa Hince and Hayley Ash were invited by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in recognition of their work setting up Shipston Community Christmas, which provides a festive meal for the elderly and alone.

With 2,000 other charity workers, they were given a place on the lawn opposite the doors of St George’s Chapel, where the couple was married.

“It’s still quite overwhelming that we were involved in such a historical event,” said Ms Hince.

“We feel very lucky to have been part of such a momentous occasion from inside the grounds of the castle with others who had served the country through their community.

“We woke at 5am and a friend did our hair and make-up. We had to be in Windsor at 8am and heard reports that the traffic was terrible and the roads closed.

“When we arrived in Windsor the atmosphere was incredible. When the stewards spotted our special spectator badges they ushered us to a different entrance.

“As we walked towards Windsor Castle the crowds were shouting over to us and taking lots of photographs. We felt like celebrities.

“When we arrived at the castle we were given a bag with some goodies – an order of service, chocolate coin, shortbread and water which was all branded with Harry and Meghan’s names and the Royal Wedding.

“I saw Elton John, David and Victoria Beckham, Tom Hardy, Idris Elba, James Corden and many more.

“Then it was the arrival of Prince Harry and William – very cool, strolling side-by–side, smiling and waving. Then came the Queen with Prince Phillip.

“When Meghan arrived, I really didn’t expect to be so emotional but it really did bring a tear to my eye.

“She looked like a fairytale princess and handled the whole experience with such elegance.”