Seymour Duncan guitar demonstrator Danny Young, of Banbury, has won Ricky Gervais guitar to raise money for a primate sanctuary

Guitarist, Danny Young, from Banbury has bought a guitar owned by Ricky Gervais to raise money for the Story Book Primate Sanctuary.
Guitarist, Danny Young, from Banbury has bought a guitar owned by Ricky Gervais to raise money for the Story Book Primate Sanctuary.

Banbury guitarist Danny Young has invested in an acoustic guitarauctioned on Ebay by comedy star and animal lover Ricky Gervais.

Mr Young, 36, a demonstrator for giant guitar company Seymour Duncan, paid just under £3,000 for the acoustic guitar.

Now he hopes to use his global contacts through Seymour Duncan to help him make yet more for Gervais’ chosen charity, which cares for rescued monkeys and apes.

The Story Book Primate Sanctuary in Canada is the farm to which the famous ‘Ikea’ monkey, Darwin - a five-month-old Japanese snow monkey, was taken after he was found wandering around an Ikea store, dressed in a sheepskin coat and a nappy.

Mr Young stayed up all night on Thursday to put in his bid for the guitar. He won with a final bid of £2,800.

“I plan to film a solo performance on Ricky’s guitar with cutaways and subtitles telling the story of Rickys guitar, Darwin the Ikea Monkey and the involvement of the Story Book Primate Sanctuary,” he said.

Mr Young said he was not being paid and there was no external corporate sponsorship involved in making the video. The fundraising is a personal ambition to help the animals.

“I follow Ricky’s Facebook posts on a daily basis and agree on many of his posts regarding animal welfare. I was already in talks with local animal welfare groups regarding a possible video raising awareness of illegal fox hunting which I am very much against.

“So when Ricky posted the link to the Ebay auction and the article that explained the story, I felt like I was really in a position to help. I bid for the guitar and won! I had to stay up until 2am for the auction and didn’t get to bed until past 5am.

“I spoke to Seymour Duncan straight away and pitched an idea for getting lots of top guitarists to sign it too so we can do a follow up video later in the year and maybe auction it off.

“They think it’s a great idea and their artist liaison manager is going to start chatting up some big names such as Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters).

“I really want to raise the profile of the Story Book Primate Sanctuary and the importance of what they do there.”

Demonstrating for Seymour Duncan, Mr Young has composed, produced and performed the official star-endorsed product launch videos of some of the world’s leading guitarists such as Slash (Guns ‘N’ Roses) Dave Murray (Iron Maiden) Jason Becker, Yngwie Malmsteen and Dave Mustaine (Megadeth).”