Seven Thames Valley Police officers disciplined in the past month - and the 'offences' include drugs and dishonesty

A list of police misconduct hearings over the past month has revealed seven officers have been disciplined.

By Paige Brown
Thursday, 14th February 2019, 4:29 pm
Updated Monday, 18th February 2019, 10:28 am

Their wrongdoings included touching fellow officers inappropriately, acting dishonestly and testing positive for cocaine.

One officer was dismissed without notice for failing to act with integrity about a collision involving a police vehicle and when completing a speeding offence form.

Another was dismissed for losing, destroying or disposing of a statement from a member of the public about an assault.


A new statement was typed in the victim’s name and subsequently signed with a signature which was not the victim’s, say police.

Another constable made an application to transfer to another force and had to give a body hair sample. The sample tested positive for cocaine.

A fellow constable was accused of touching two officers inappropriately over their clothes. This officer resigned during the misconduct proceedings and their name has been placed on the Barred List.

There was another resignation from an officer who gave an inaccurate account of his insurance when caught speeding by another force.

This resulted in him being convicted of two counts of making a false statement to gain insurance and being fined £600.

Meanwhile an officer who carried out "multiple" checks on the police data base for non-policing purposes was given a final written warning, while an officer who failed to challenge "inappropriate" messages sent on on Whatapp was given management advice.