Sculptures will share secrets with poetry

THE UK’s largest exhibition of sculpture in stone, On Form, is set within the gardens and ballroom of Asthall Manor from June 17 to July 15.

As part of a lively and varied programme of events, On Form 2012 will also feature a drop-in performance, Scary Little Girls: The Speaking Stones on June 23.

Following the success of their Living Word Walks in Chipping Norton and Didcot, artist led theatre production company Scary Little Girls will create a unique performance that allows the sculptures to share their secrets.

Responding to the art and to the environment, the evening includes the work of poets who have a connection with art, nature and psychology, such as Thomas Hardy and John Keats, alongside that of contemporary poets such as Peter Redgrove and Penelope Shuttle.

Scary Little Girls will perform the works around the sculptures in the gardens as part of a spoken word treasure hunt. Visitors are invited to join them between 6.30pm and 9.30pm to explore the fusion between stone, space and the spoken word and share with them in this enchanting open air gallery a romance between the written and the physical elements.

Advance booking is strongly recommended, as this is a one-off opportunity to experience the gardens, performances and sculptures combined.

Visitors are advised to dress for all weathers and take footwear to explore in.

On Form is the UK’s largest exhibition of sculpture in stone and takes place every two years within the garden and ballroom of Asthall Manor, presenting work by 28 sculptors.