Science stars show off their skills

Winchester House pupils taking part in the science day
Winchester House pupils taking part in the science day

Winchester House School’s Lunar Society invited pupils from Southfield Primary and Nursery School in Brackley to witness some spectacular science last Friday.

The Lunar Society, made up of some of Winchester House’s most talented young science students, presented its Chemical Extravaganza which included such Einstein-like feats as walking on custard, testing elephant poo, making Jelly Babies howl and many more flashes, bangs, whizzes and smells, all conducted under the watchful eye of head of science, Michael Thompson.

Pupils were also bedazzled by hydrogen bubbles and fascinated by fiery flame tests.

Mr Thompson reflected on the day of dazzling displays saying: “As the head of science I truly believe that we only limit children with the height of our expectations. We expect a lot of the children here and they never fail to amaze me with just how much they can do and how well they achieve, given the opportunity.”

Winchester House School runs the Lunar Society as part of its after-school club activity schedule and children who show talent in science from all year groups are invited to join.

Headteacher Mark Seymour said: “We are in a unique situation as a prep school to have specialist science teaching from Year Five where learning is through practical hands-on work.

“We have three purpose-built modern science labs and facilities and three specialist science teachers, so it is no surprise our science results are commended every year by senior schools.”

Janet Dingvean, head teacher of Southfield School, attended the event with Year 5 and 6 pupils.

She said: “I really want to thank Mr Thompson and his team for bringing science to life. The children found it amazing and were really enthused by it and they’re still talking about it now; asking questions and relating science to everyday life.”

She added the school has been attending the event for the past few years and said it is a welcome day for the pupils who do not usually get that much of an insight into more grown up subjects such as chemicals.

“Because the pupils at Winchester are a bit older, our pupils got a lot of inspiration from them,” she said and added the session topped off a week of events held as part of the National Science and Engineering Week.