Santa’s tour of town continues

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Seen by many as the start of Christmas, the traditional visit of Santa to residential streets in Banbury and neighbouring villages has got off to a good start.

The Banbury Cross Round Table is again delighting children with its musical sleigh and as youngsters enjoy the spectacle, members of the organisation collect donations for their deserving causes.

The excursions take place between 6pm-9pm (except for Sunday) at the following locations:

Tomorrow (Tuesday, December 9) Park Road, Banbury; Wednesday, Ruscote; Thursday, Cherwell Heights; Friday, Warwick Road; and Saturday, Easington

On Sunday from 2pm-9pm Santa will tour Bretch Hill from the Barley Mow end followed by the Admiral Holland and the roads up the hill from Woodgreen Avenue from 6pm.

His route next week is as follows: Monday, Queensway; Tuesday, Upper Hardwick; Wednesday, Bodicote; Thursday, December 18, Old North Grimsbury; Friday, December 19, Adderbury; Saturday, December 20 Drayton, Wroxton, North Newington; and Sunday, December 21, Hanwell Fields

He will then just have time to visit Waller Drive on Monday, December 22 before heading home to prepared for his big trip on Christmas Eve.