Santa narrowly avoids injury as teenagers throw stones and eggs during Round Table’s sleigh visit in Banbury

Banbury Cross Round Table's Santa float. NNL-161215-121618001
Banbury Cross Round Table's Santa float. NNL-161215-121618001

A group of teenagers threw eggs, stones and a china mug at Santa when Banbury Cross Round Table’s sleigh visited a Banbury neighbourhood last night, Wednesday.

The sleigh was visiting children in Danesmore and Woodfield when three teenage boys started throwing the missiles as the sleigh went past.

And although no one was hit, Round Tablers have warned the items could have struck a child and caused serious injury.

Speaking to the Banbury Guardian, Michael Round, from Banbury Cross Round Table said it was not the first time they had experienced people throwing items at the sleigh.

He said: “It has happened in previous years. Usually it has just been eggs rather than stones.

“You do get people complaining when you don’t go down their street but at the same time if we are going to get something thrown at us, we have to think about the safety issues.”

The teenagers were throwing items at several different locations throughout the visit and at one point, Santa had to duck down to avoid being hit.

Mr Round said the teenagers could have ruined the event for others. He said: “You are giving up some of your social life in the evening and there are a few people, just for the sake of some entertainment, throwing things, who are risking the enjoyment for other people.

“We are doing this for the little children and we had a child come out dressed up as Father Christmas.

“Just as we were going around the corner, thinking how fed up we were with having stones thrown at us, there was a little boy with a big smile on his face and you think, ‘That’s why we do this’.”

Banbury Cross Round Table chairman, Simon Jupe said: “Fortunately no-one was hurt, and the number of delighted families far outweighed the small number of troublemakers.

“Santa will be back again tonight, Thursday, in the Cherwell Heights area and then tomorrow, Friday in Adderbury. We look forward to seeing you soon.”

Santa will be on his merry rounds until Wednesday, December 21, when he has to return to the North pole to get ready for Christmas Eve. You can track the whereabouts of Santa online by visiting