Safety campaigners keep up the pressure

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Editorial image

The campaign for a roundabout at the notorious Portobello Crossroads near Shipston was taken to Warwickshire County Council on Thursday.

The long-running fight was stepped up after Julios Catachanas died in an accident there on December 23. Supporters were joined at Shire Hall in Warwick by Mr Catachanas’s mother Sophia and sister Panayiota, who voiced her support for the campaign in last week’s Banbury Guardian.

Councillor Jeff Kenner said: “The petition was positively received by the councillors. It was very moving also to hear from the family of Julios Catachanas. I made it clear to the council that the Portobello Crossroads be given top priority because 50 per cent of the accidents there are serious.

“Studies show that at dangerous crossroads a roundabout will reduce the number of serious accidents by at least 75 per cent. I have requested a meeting of the petitioners with the road safety officers, the police, fire and rescue and ambulance services. We’re seeking an action plan for immediate road safety measures and the installation of a roundabout. We’ll continue our campaign relentlessly until we succeed.”