RSCPA’s Lauren to appear on Channel 5

Lauren Bailey RSPCA Inspector The Dog Detectives NNL-151205-130125001
Lauren Bailey RSPCA Inspector The Dog Detectives NNL-151205-130125001

Banbury’s RSPCA inspector Lauren Bailey is featured in a new series of The Dog 
Rescuers on Channel 5.

Ms Bailey’s screen challenges including finding homes for eight collie pups in Brackley.

“A collie bitch was reported as not coping with the demands of her pups. Ten had been born and eight survived,” she said.

“The owners had a dog and two un-neutered bitches and said the pups had been a mistake. Had they intentionally bred them for sale they should have been licensed.”

Ms Bailey said the collies would get very frustrated if left unoccupied so finding the right homes, where they would be trained to do agility or activities every day, was important.

“The owners co-operated eventually and we filmed in their house and at the vets’,” she said.

Another case involving Ms Bailey’s intervention near Hemel Hempstead had a less happy ending. An elderly terrier in a state of collapse was rescued with police help but the pet later had to be put down.

“The camera crew was filming with me about one day a week. I really enjoyed it. It is a long series and covers areas across the country,” she said.

Ms Bailey works daily in Banbury and covers a sizeable portion of north Oxfordshire and some of south Northants.

Before joining the RSPCA two years ago she worked in animal welfare abroad.

“My background is in psychology which isn’t as odd as it sounds as animal welfare is often about the owners.

“I have worked in Thailand rescuing animals around the islands and I worked in Borneo at a centre for rehabilitation of orang-utans, orphaned or injured because of the massive destruction of their rainforest habitat,” she said.

“I am from Milton Keynes but moved near Banbury in January to live within my patch.”

She said some cases of wanton cruelty do proceed to prosecution but the society aims to achieve co-operation with owners. The Dog Rescuers is screened on Tuesday at 8pm on Channel 5.