Rough sleeping ban for Banbury town centre delayed

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In November, Cherwell District Council voted to introduce a public space protection order (PSPO) to Banbury town centre in a bid to stop begging, rough sleeping and alcohol consumption.

The PSPO applies to agreed boundaries including all of the town centre, from Cherwell Drive and Castle Quay canalside to the north, to Gatteridge Street and Britannia Road to the south.

The boundary reaches as far as Bridge Street Park to the east and People’s Park to the west.

The PSPO was due to come into force on December 1, however presently the council is working to finalise the necessary signage to support its introduction.

Until this is in place the order’s provisions will not be enforced.

When applied anyone who breaches the order will be asked to stop what they are doing or leave the area.

Those who refuse could receive a fixed penalty notice of £100, a fine of up to £1,000 on conviction or £500 upon conviction for consuming alcohol in breach of the order.

The order, which lasts up to three years, can be enforced by a police officer, a police community support officer (PCSO), designated council officers and employees of other delegated organisations.

Anyone who is rough sleeping is advised to take advantage of the support mentioned in the panel below.

In a statement, Cherwell said it would continue its work to support homeless people to access the advice and services it and its partners provide.

Councillor for public protection at CDC, Tony Ilott, said the purpose of the order was not to punish people, but to make Banbury town centre a safe and pleasant area for everyone.

He added those in genuine need would still be helped.