Revised proposal met with residents' anger

Residents in Deddington have expressed concerns after an updated planning proposal for 95 homes was submitted to Cherwell District Council.
Land behind Gaveston Gardens, Deddington, where 95 homes are planned. NNL-160216-173154009Land behind Gaveston Gardens, Deddington, where 95 homes are planned. NNL-160216-173154009
Land behind Gaveston Gardens, Deddington, where 95 homes are planned. NNL-160216-173154009

The initial application on land north of Gaveston Gardens and to the rear of Manor Farm, Banbury Road, comprised 85 dwellings, parking, public open space, landscaping and associated infrastructure when it was approved back in 2013.

But revised plans have now been sent back to the district council by David Wilson Homes, who have added the extra homes to help people in the area get on the housing ladder.

They said: “The amendments which we have made to the original plans, are primarily associated with improving aspects of the proposal’s design, including making changes to the detail of the new homes proposed.

“In addition, the decision to incorporate an increased level of smaller properties, in order to provide greater opportunities for local people to obtain a foothold on the housing ladder, combined with the changes to the design and layout, has resulted in a modest increase in the number of homes proposed from 85 to 95.”

But the application has been met with opposition from those living in the village, who are concerned that if approved, the location of the development could result in traffic problems on the village’s main road.

Mike Watling said: “I, like many others, was against the development as I believed it was not right for Deddington and would create numerous issues for the village. The concept of adding an additional 13 per cent of housing would simply compound those issues.

“I am particularly concerned on the impact to the traffic situation with an increased number of cars trying to access the already busy B4260. I am also concerned about the additional impact that the extra houses would have on the drainage in the area.”

The revised proposal now includes 35 per cent affordable housing, equivalent to 33 homes, to help meet a housing need in the village.

A varied mix of one, two, three, four and five-bedroom homes are proposed and two new areas of public open space would be provided, including a central green area with children’s play equipment and an additional area of informal open space adjacent to the Banbury Road frontage.

A new pedestrian link would be provided from the site to Gaveston Gardens.

Alexandra Elvin lives in Gaveston Gardens and said: “The original application for 85 houses would have placed an excessive strain on the infrastructures within Deddington and the additional ten houses will make this worse.

“It will significantly alter the nature of the village and there are concerns about both places at the school and the health centre’s ability to cope.

People will park in Gaveston Gardens and then walk to the new development, increasing congestion in our road and more importantly increasing a health and safety risk for our children.”

Deddington Parish Council met on Wednesday to discuss the application.