Retirement won’t slow Eunice down

Eunice Harradine
Eunice Harradine

Bodicote-based driving 
instructor Eunice Harradine has retired after nearly 23 years in the business – but she has no plans to slow down.

Mrs Harradine, 64, had been gradually reducing her working hours before finally selling the car earlier this month.

She said: “I’ve enjoyed teaching people to drive and I’ll miss the interaction with my pupils and being able to pass on this valuable life skill.

“Much of my business came from personal recommendation and in several families I have taught all the children to drive.”

Mrs Harradine began training as a driving instructor in 1991 and, after qualifying, set up her driving school in May the following year.

But she had been self-employed since 1979 and sold towels and bedding at Household Linen parties until 1992.

She said: “About five years ago I deliberately cut down on my working hours to help me prepare for retirement.

“Last year I set myself a date around the end of 2014 but wanted to have as many pupils as possible ready to pass their test. I was thrilled to have four more pupils pass at the first attempt during December and January, and for two of them to undertake a motorway lesson.”

But retirement won’t be a quiet affair for Mrs Harradine who has already jetted off on a ten-week holiday in Australia, where her and her husband Tony have got family and three grandchildren.

“Now that I’m retired I’m able to spend longer time with them and make myself useful,” she said.

But Mrs Harradine, who is the district co-ordinator for Operation Christmas Child, will also be busy at home.

She said: “I hope to spend more time gardening and I’ll be able to devote more time throughout the year to Operation Christmas Child, and I’ve volunteered to help at The Peoples Church a few hours a week.

“I’m also looking forward to spending more time with Tony and us seeing friends more.”