Residents escape fire at Banbury home


A house fire in Banbury left the first floor severely damaged but the two occupants got out safely yesterday evening (Wednesday, April 25).

Fire crews from Banbury and Hook Norton were sent to the property on Hearthway after being called at around 6.50pm.

Firefighters were faced with smoke issuing from the windows of the mid-terraced house.

Fortunately the two occupants of the house had already evacuated and were stood on the pavement awaiting the arrival of the fire and rescue service.

The mother who was downstairs at the time, was alerted to the presence of the fire on the first floor, when the smoke alarms on the landing activated.

Two firefighters wearing breathing apparatus, and equipped with a hose reel jet were committed into the house to extinguish the fire.

They found the entire first floor completely smoke logged, and a fire in one of the bedrooms.

They rapidly extinguished the fire, and then a high-pressure fan was used to blow all of the smoke out of the building.

South Central Ambulance Service paramedics assessed the two occupants but they required no further medical treatment.

Specialist fire investigation officers from Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service will be returning to the house today (Thursday) to continue their scene analysis to determine exactly how the fire started and developed.

Crew manager Vince Sturt said: “Thankfully the occupiers of this property were alerted by working smoke alarms and were able to vacate the property in good time.

“I would like to advise everyone to formulate an emergency plan, considering the actions that they will take if they are unfortunate enough to suffer a fire in their home.

“Having such a plan can save vital time in your evacuation.

“Wherever it is safe to do so, it is recommended that you close room doors behind as you leave the property, as this contains the fire into the room of origin, and aids in preventing its spread and therefore minimises the damage that it causes.

“Unfortunately the doors in this property were left open and that is why the entire first floor has been severely affected by the smoke and flames.”