Rescue hedgehog wakes in new home

Christopher the hedgehog has woken up from a four month nap and is now making himself-acquainted with his new home in Hornton.
Christopher, the rescue hedgehog. NNL-161204-162417001Christopher, the rescue hedgehog. NNL-161204-162417001
Christopher, the rescue hedgehog. NNL-161204-162417001

The hedgehog has stayed with with villagers Chris and Stephen Woodcock after Warwickshire Hedgehog Rescue gave the animal to them to care for over the winter.

Villagers have been asked to set up feeding stations, made of bricks topped with a paving slab, around the village to encourage a community of hedgehogs to be established.

Mrs Woodcock will provide details of the food to put in the shelter (not bread and milk!) at [email protected]

She asked gardeners to avoid using slug pellets if possible as these kill hedgehogs, which eat slugs as part of their diet and naturally control the garden pests.