Radway’s Civil War exhibit gets national recognition

David Beaumont, Julian Humphrys, Brian Douthwaite (back) and Puffin Pocock and Rachel Mander NNL-170822-143539001

The tireless work of four volunteers with help from their community has been recognised by a national organisation.

For two-and-a-half years the Battle of Edgehill Management Team painstakingly put together artefacts, interactive displays and information boards detailing the 1642 battle that marked the start of the English Civil War.

Now, two years after the permanent installation was opened to the public in Radway’s St Peter’s Church, their efforts were recognised this week by the Battlefields Trust, a UK charity that aims to preserve and identify Britain’s battlefields.

Julian Humphrys, development director from the charity visited the church to hand Brian Douthwaite, David Beaumont, Puffin Pocock and Rachel Mander a framed certificate for their outstanding work.

Mr Humphrys said: “It’s the fact that it is a local community which has got together, got funding and actually staged this themselves. It’s a real community team effort.”

Featuring actual musket balls from the battle along with other artefacts and replica firearms of the time the exhibition was funded by a Heritage Lottery grant and takes a special interest in families from the area who still have ancestry in the village.

To celebrate their two year anniversary and national recognition the group are running a poetry competition with the winner being invited to the exhibition on October 21 to receive an award.

The poems can be submitted online here and must be related to the battle in some form. Entries have to be submitted by September 22.

The award winning exhibition is free to enter and open each day during daylight hours in the church.

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