Quick thinking of passer by raises fire alarm in Sibford Gower


Firefighters from Banbury and Chipping Norton attended a house fire in Sibford Gower last Friday.

The quick thinking of a passer by helped raise the alarm and emergency services arrived at the scene at about 4.15pm.

Crews were confronted with smoke coming from the house on arrival, and searched the property using breathing apparatus and thermal imaging equipment.

They prompted located and extinguished the fire on the first floor and then ventilated the property using high pressure fans.

Following an investigation, the cause of the fire was linked to a small quantity of household flammable materials overheating, while being exposed to direct sunlight.

Simon Piper, incident commander from Banbury Fire Station, said: “During the summer months people should be reminded of the potential fire hazard of flammable materials if they are left in areas that receive direct sunlight.

“Fortunately the resident of the property followed the fire service advice and had working smoke alarms. We recommend that everyone should have at least one working smoke alarm on each floor of their home and that they should ideally be checked weekly.”

Visit www.365alive.co.uk for fire safety advice.