Positive reaction to multi-million pound scheme to fix more Oxfordshire potholes

Mr Pothole checked the state of play in Bankside.
Mr Pothole checked the state of play in Bankside.

Potholes in and around Banbury will hopefully be filled in a multi-million pound council scheme after months of misery for road users.

Oxfordshire County Council wants to spend an extra £10m on road repairs this year to tackle the winter backlog of potholes and invest £120m in infrastructure over the next ten years.

The Banbury Guardian has been calling for our roads to be brought up to scratch since January, with help from Brackley campaigner Mark Morrell, known nationally as Mr Pothole.

On May 30, he gave Oxfordshire County Council cabinet member Yvonne Constance a tour of the four worst road surfaces in the town, as suggested by Banbury Guardian readers.

Both said that the meeting was productive and on this week’s news, Mr Morrell said he was pleased to see the council being proactive.

“I think it’s a positive, it is better to do something about the state of our roads now as the amount to fix it will just get bigger and bigger,” he said.

“It’s just a shame the Government has not given them extra cash as it’s put the onus on the county council to fix the roads which is hard.”

Cabinet members will be asked to sign off the £10m and give ‘in principle’ agreement to borrowing for investment on Tuesday, July 17.

Budget to fix Oxfordshire roads set to double plus £120m investment plan