Poppy Appeal collector urges more people to join the cause

Poppy Appeal organiser, Jane Meredith, from Wardington. NNL-151020-121850009
Poppy Appeal organiser, Jane Meredith, from Wardington. NNL-151020-121850009

A poppy appeal co-ordinator of nearly 30 years standing is calling on more people to become collectors.

Jane Meredith, of Wardington, is the honorary organiser of the poppy appeal collection around the villages of Wardington, Williamscot and Chacombe.

Over the past few years, Mrs Meredith has seen a number of collectors for the area drop out and although she has been able to find more collectors for this year’s appeal, she is appealing for others to step forward, particularly the young.

She said: “What I really wanted to do was encourage younger people because, quite honestly, it is quite understandable that, as time goes by, people have a more tenuous connection with the world wars.

“People are always very willing to give to public collections and it is the most rewarding thing you can do because you don’t get anyone who doesn’t want to give.

“I think it is important to help youngsters realise if it wasn’t for people giving their lives for this country, they wouldn’t have the quality of life they have today.

“People of my generation can still remember relatives who fought in the war and did some amazing things and it is important we carry it on and pass on the heritage to people who are growing up, fortunately without the grief of the world wars.”

Despite a reduction in the number of collectors, the appeal across the three villages has managed to raise more money each year.

Mrs Meredith said when she started in 1987, the appeal had collected around £300 which, last year, had climbed to £1,100.

Anyone wanting to help collect for the poppy appeal can contact Mrs Meredith on 01295 750459.