More new homes to be built in Banbury and Deddington

The survey is now open
The survey is now open

A proposal to build up to 46 homes on a plot of land on the outskirts of Banbury was quick to be unanimously approved by councillors.

The site on Warwick Road is surrounded by current housing developments or land scheduled to be built on, so the planning officer deemed it acceptable and recommended approval.

Cherwell District Council’s planning committee agreed at the meeting on Thursday (May 30), with little debate on the subject, other than Cllr John Broad asking for electric car charging points to be accessible.

The planning officer said they hoped to make sure the site links up to the surrounding developments by Persimmon Homes and Davidson Homes through conditions on the permission.

While the estimated number of homes on the entire ‘Banbury 5’ plot, of which this site is a small part of, had already been met, the officer said this was not a ceiling so more homes than needed was acceptable.

Another housing development of up to 21 homes on the outskirts of Deddington was also unanimously supported by councillors.

The plan to build on site on Hempton Road was backed by the village in a consultation.

A representative of the applicants, Pembury Estate, said they had tried to tailor the proposal to the Deddington Neighbourhood Plan, which is still being developed.

Deddington councillor Mike Kerford-Byrnes said it was a shame that Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group (OCCG) had not commented on the section 106 provision as it meant no money would go towards healthcare in the village.

So he asked for the council to press OCCG for a comment to change that as part of the permission.