General election: Conservative leader Cameron reatains Witney seat on good night for Tories

David Cameron
David Cameron

David Cameron has retained his Witney seat with an increased majority on a night that saw him almost certain to remain as Prime Minister.

Mr Cameron was returned to the Witney constituency – which includes Chipping Norton – with 35,201 votes votes; a 25,155 majority over nearest rival, Labour’s Duncan Enright.

His majority was up from 22,740 at the 2010 election.

On that occasion Mr Cameron led the Conservatives into a coalition with the Liberal Democrats and it is the national picture that will once again be focussing his mind today (Friday) as his party took control in the race to form a new Government.

When the Witney result was announced at around 5.45am, the Tories were on track to significantly increase their number of seats in Parliament from the 302 they held when polls opened on Thursday morning.

Current predictions are that the Conservatives could win as many as 325 seats – just one short of forming an overall majority.

That would mean Mr Cameron will be able to remain in Number 10 as the head of a minority government without the need for a coalition, although he might still have to rely on the support of the DUP or the Lib Dems.

The Prime Minister said it was “too early to say” the final result but he hoped to form a government.

The Conservative Party success was based on a collapse in the support for Liberal Democrats and a near clean-sweep for the SNP in Scotland which resulted in lost seats for Labour.

There was a turnout of 73.3 per cent in the Witney constituency, identical to that in 2010.

Full results in the constituency were:

David Cameron (Con) – 35,201

Duncan Enright (Lab) – 10,046

Simon Strutt (UKIP) – 5,352

Andy Graham (Lib Dem) – 3,953

Stuart Macdonald (Green) – 2,970

Clive Peedell (NHAP) – 616

Colin Bex (Wessex Regionalists) - 110

Chris Tompson (Ind) – 94

Vivien Saunders (Reduce VAT in Sport) – 56

Bobby Smith (Give Me Back Elmo) – 37

Deek Jackson (Land Party) – 35

Nathan Handley (Ind) – 12