Fresh plans for 850-home extension of Longford Park - with room for new school and home for Banbury United

Fresh plans to build an extra 850 homes on Longford Park have been submitted to the council.

Thursday, 27th June 2019, 1:25 pm
An illustration of how the new development could look. Photo: Hallam Land Management

Developers Hallam Land Management sent their revised application for the 39.23 hectares of land off the A4260 Oxford Road to Cherwell District Council on June 5.

The scheme includes green open space, sports pitches with changing rooms, allotments and would also have two points of access - the current entrance on Oxford Road and a new one south of Banbury Rugby Football Club.

A map also leaves space for a new secondary school and Banbury United Football Club's (BUFC) new home to the south of the site after discussions with council officers.

An illustration of how the new development could look. Photo: Hallam Land Management

The developer says 30 per cent of the new homes will be 'affordable' and a Section 106 agreement will likely include contributions to social, leisure, education and transport services.

The original plans submitted two years ago had 700 homes and only one access point, with no mention of the football club or the school.

Originally the scheme would use a plot of land called 'BAN4', which is allocated for housing in the council's Local Plan, but the addition of space for the football club and school means it also uses land called 'BAN12', also earmarked for development.

A planning statement says: "The proposed development is in accordance with the provisions of policies BAN4 and BAN12 and will deliver much needed market and affordable housing for the people of Banbury.

"The development will provide an access to the land that is essential to facilitate the relocation of BUFC and the construction of a new secondary school."

The football club's current home on Station Approach is on land the district council hopes to regenerate all along the canal and the Puritans have been expected to move to a new ground for some time.

While Oxfordshire County Council has long had plans to build a new secondary school in Banbury to continue to meet demand for school places.

So far 18 comments have been made on the application by members of the public, with many concerned about the impact on traffic, local services and infrastructure.

Keith Walford wrote: "I object strongly to this further expansion of an already overpopulated part of Bodicote/Banbury.

"The existing 'infrastructure' is nowhere near sufficient for the existing finished phases even without the full completion of the other phases, never mind an additional 850 homes.

"The 'main' Oxford Road is never going to be able to cope with this volume of additional traffic never mind the one entrance into Longford Park which is already struggling to cope.

"The increased traffic, lack of infrastructure to support such a large influx of residents, and major lack of facilities, is already a major issue and this will also create disturbance to our right to enjoy our homes due to continued construction, noise etc."

Current Longford Park resident Brent Lennard added: "I am not happy with this as there will be increased traffic, lack of infrastructure to support such a large influx of residents, lack of facilities, disturbance of their right to enjoy their homes due to continued construction, noise etc.

"This was never explained to us when we purchased our home and we are concerned about the access, the general level of traffic in Banbury and general infrastructure."

The deadline for public comments is July 22. To view the application, click here.