Few changes but Tories lose a seat in Cherwell council election

Cherwell District Council
Cherwell District Council

Most wards stayed with the holding parties but overall the ruling Conservatives lost one seat in the Cherwell District Council elections.

Labour secured a large scalp by ousting Alistair Milne-Home from his Banbury Cross and Neithrop seat with Cassi Perry taking over.

Otherwise all of the other Banburyshire wards were either won by the incumbent candidate or replaced by someone from the same party.

Outside of Banburyshire, the Liberal Democrats stole the Tories seat in Kidlington West but took the Bicester South and Ambrosden seat from an Independent.

The result means the Conservatives majority drops from 30 to 29 councillors, with nine Labour, one Independent and one Lib Dem.

Council leader Barry Wood, who held his Fringford and Heyfords seat, said: “My general feeling is steady as she goes, no real change and that’s good because we like to think, we do think we have had a good record at Conservative Cherwell and that’s been vindicated by the electorate today.”

Labour Party leader Sean Woodcock said he would have liked to have won a few more seats but was positive about his party’s performance.

“We’re pleased, we’ve gained Neithrop and Cross, we came much closer in a number of other seats, disappointed not to have picked up a couple more but we’ve got to be pleased with how we did,” he said.

The overall turnout was 35.14 per cent with 35,155 votes made – Cropredy, Sibfords and Wroxton saw the biggest turnout of all the Banburyshire wards with 43.25 per cent, while Banbury Ruscote had the lowest at 27.87 per cent.

Full results:

Adderbury, Bloxham and Bodicote

Andy Aris (Green): 207

Peter Davis (Lib Dem): 284

Andrew John McHugh (Con): 1457

Suzette Elizabeth Watson (Lab): 540

Banbury Calthorpe and Easington

Antonio Oliver Joseph Ferrara (Lab): 758

Jane Beatrix Hamel (Green): 169

Brent Jackson (Lib Dem): 158

Tony Mepham (Con): 1447

Banbury Cross and Neithrop

Bernard Geoffrey Dodd (Green): 155

Bette Melling (Lib Dem): 152

Alastair John Milne-Home (Con): 883

Cassi Perry (Lab): 1225

Banbury Grimsbury and Hightown

David Frederick Beverly (Con): 849

Shaida Hussain (Lab): 1098

Liz Vere (Green): 153

David Brian Wiles (Lib Dem): 114

Banbury Hardwick

Simmi Cumberbatch (Green): 182

Tony Ilott (Con): 918

Perran Henry Rupert Moon (Lab): 778

Banbury Ruscote

Chris Phillips (Con): 580

Barry Keir Richards (Lab): 1033

Rita Rose Victoria White (Green): 107

Cropredy, Sibfords and Wroxton

Phil Chapman (Con): 1677

Anne Felicia Cullen (Lab): 512

Shaun Edward Greenslade-Hibbert (Green): 433

Sue Moon (Lab): 503

Douglas George Webb (Con): 1615

Julian Woodward (Lib Dem): 448


Aaron James Bliss (Green): 317

Nigel Geoffrey Davis (Lib Dem): 350

Mike Kerford-Byrnes (Con):1637

Annette Murphy (Lab): 597

Fringford and Heyfords

Robby Finley Prior (Lab): 361

Jenny Tamblyn (Green): 379

Barry Victor Wood (Con): 1470