Stratford upon Avon District Council election results declared

Council electionsCouncil elections
Council elections
Kineton, Edgehill and Shipston and all other winners in district elections have been declared.

Bishops Itchington: Chris Kettle (Con), Matthew North (Green) and Fiona Onslow-Free (LD). Winner - Christopher Kettle (Con) elected with 644 votes.

Brailes and Compton: Sara Billins (LD), Anne Waldon (Green), Sarah Whalley-Hoggins (Con) and Ronan Woods (Lab). Winner - Sarah Whalley-Hoggins (Con) elected with 691 votes

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Ettington: Nina Knapman (LD), Alexander Monk (Lab), Penny-Anne O’Donnell (Con) and Angela Webb (Green). Winner - Penny-Anne O'Donnell (Con) elected with 782 votes

Kineton: Rob Ballantyne (Green), Chris Mills (Con) and Nicholas Solman (LD). Winner - Chris Mills (Con) elected with 824 votes.

Napton and Fenny Compton: Emilia Fletcher (Con), Zoe James (Green) and Nigel Rock (LD). Winner - Nigel Rock (Lib Dem) elected with 539 votes.

Red Horse: Allison Aves (Green), John Feilding (Con), John Insoll (LD) and Jan Sewell (Lab). Winner - Red Horse: John Feilding (Con) elected with 698 votes.

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Shipston North: Roger Billins (LD), Trevor Harvey (Con), Peter Landsman (Green) and Jan Ozimkowski (Lab). Winner - Trevor Harvey (Con) elected with 545 votes.

Shipston South: Jo Barker (Con), Frances Boyle (Lab), John Dinnie (LD), David Passingham (Green). Winner - Jo Barker (Con) elected with 546 votes

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