Consultation on how Oxfordshire should grow to 2050 singles out Banbury for new homes

The plan for how Oxfordshire should grow over the next 30 years should be 'ambitious, creative and radical' - but Banbury was singled out for more new homes.

The Oxfordshire Plan 2050 gathered more than 1,200 comments from the public in six weeks in February on how the county should look in the future, looking at homes, infrastructure and more.

One of the many consultation roadshows for Oxfordshire Plan 2050

One of the many consultation roadshows for Oxfordshire Plan 2050

The only mention of Banbury in a report on the latest consultation, published recently, is: "It was felt that focussing development around the edges of larger settlements could help to ensure that the infrastructure required to support growth was already in place.

"However, it was suggested that investment in infrastructure capacity may be required, particularly as many of Oxfordshire’s towns and villages are viewed as having traffic congestion issues.

"It was suggested that there may be further capacity to accommodate growth at Banbury and Bicester through intensification."

The plan, backed by all Oxfordshire councils, is part of the £215m deal agreed by the Oxfordshire Growth Board and the Government.

The consultation told the plan organisers needed to reflect resident's views while being as bold as possible, while tackling climate change was one of the key priorities people wanted to see, along with looking at social and environmental wellbeing.

James Mills, chair of the Oxfordshire Plan member sub-group and leader of West Oxfordshire District Council, said: “We want this plan to be the best it can be more the people of Oxfordshire so it was vital we hear from as many of you as possible.

“I’m delighted we had so many comments during our first public consultation but this is just the start of the conversation and as we continue to work on the plan we will be working hard to ensure everyone gets the chance to have their say.”

The comments are being used to inform the plan-making process, with another consultation coming up.

Read the full report here and sign up for updates about the plan here.