Brackley MP resigns over Brexit bill debacle

Andrea Leadsom MP
Andrea Leadsom MP

Brackley MP and Leader of the House of Commons, Andrea Leadsom, has resigned over Brexit, saying in a letter “I no longer believe that our approach will deliver on the referendum result.”

She resigned the day before the electorate go to the polls in the European elections in what has already been a  trying week for the Prime Minister, Theresa May.

In her resignation letter, sent to the PM and posted on Twitter late last night, Mrs Leadsom said she was ‘proud’ to have served in Theresa May’s Government since 2016, and had stayed in the Cabinet to “shape and fight for Brexit” despite some “uncomfortable compromises along the way.”

She went on to add: “I cannot fulfil my duty as Leader of the House tomorrow to announce a bill with new elements that I fundamentally oppose.” 

“No one has wanted you to succeed more than I have, but I do now urge you to make the right decisions in the interests of the country, this Government and our party.

“It is therefore with great regret and with a heavy heart that I resign from the Government.”

The resignation will also have ramifications for Banbury MP Victoria Prentis who acted as Mrs Leadsom’s private parliamentary secretary (PPS) a role that utilised the Banbury MP’s legal training and specialist knowledge on constitutional law.

We will bring a reaction from Mrs Prentis as soon as we have it.