Banbury MP responds to councillors plea to reject ‘No Deal’

Banbury MP Victoria Prentis has responded to calls from eight cross party town, district and county councillors for her to oppose a ‘No Deal’ Brexit .

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 11th September 2019, 10:29 am

The letter was published August 29 and signed by Labour, Green, Lib Dem and Independent Cllrs

Mr Prentis writes: “Many thanks for the measured tone of your letter in the Banbury Guardian.

“Brexit has divided families, communities and political parties. In my view we need to work together to re-unite and ensure a positive future for our country.

Victoria Prentis MP

“In 2016 the country voted to leave by a clear majority, as did our constituency, though by a smaller margin. Since then, I have voted consistently to leave the EU without delay. I think the consequences of not doing so would be serious for our democracy.

“I feel we must deliver Brexit and move on. It’s been clear to me for over three years that we must leave the EU in a sensible, pro-business way that protects people’s livelihoods.

“There’s an important human element in all this, too. We have a significant Polish population in Banbury, and almost all of us have family or friends living in France, Spain or elsewhere in the EU.

“Some people are now talking of No Deal as an easy way out. But No Deal won’t bring an end to Brexit. It’ll only prolong the uncertainty for years to come.

“To avoid No Deal and get Brexit done, we must vote for a deal. It’s impossible to avoid No Deal without voting for one, which is something that now appears to be dawning on MPs from across the House.

“Last week I met the Prime Minister and he assured me that he was working hard for a Deal and expects to bring that back to Parliament when we return in mid October. I am backing Boris in his negotiations to get a deal.

“Today (Tuesday, September 10), with colleagues from across the political divide I launched “MPs for a Deal”, which is exactly that; we wish the Prime Minister well in his negotiations with the EU, and very much hope to get a Parliamentary majority for the Deal he brings back.

She concludes “I think the vast majority of us want a sensible compromise and orderly exit. I would be grateful for your support as I work to deliver this.”