Banbury elects town council

Conservative candidates for Cherwell District elections
Conservative candidates for Cherwell District elections

Voters across the area elected both Cherwell District Councillors and town councillors Thursday May 5

The votes have been cast and counted as people across the region voted for their new town councillors this past Thursday May 5.

The Conservatives maintained their grip on the town council winning 12 seats while Labour remained the largest opposition party winning the remaining 10 seats.

Councillor Kieron Mallon the Leader of the council and Conservative campaign manager said; “This was a campaign that was difficult to predict, and a fantastic local result, I know our opponents were expecting to make gains across the town but we worked hard and proved them wrong. We delivered a strong message and we fought a totally local campaign. We thank the electorate for trusting us to continue the good work at the Town Hall.”

Councillor Tony Ilott the Deputy Leader said; “We set out our campaign for a positive vision for Banbury based on our policies of increased economic development, environmental improvements, affordable housing, low unemployment and of course low taxes”.

The results in full are as follows:

Banbury Calthorpe North, Nick Harrison (CON) 258 votes, Banbury Calthorpe South, Colin Clarke (CON) 481 votes, Nigel Morris (CON) 459 votes, Banbury Easington North, Tina Wren (CON) 68 votes, Banbury Easington South, Kieron Mallon (CON) 868 votes, John Colegrave (CON)839 votes, Banbury Grimsbury, Andrew Beere (LAB) 812 votes, Claire Bell (LAB) 790 votes, Shaida Hussain (LAB) 723 votes, Banbury Hardwick East, Arash Fatemian (CON) 6 votes, Banbury Hardwick West, John Donaldson (CON) 775 votes, Lucy Donaldson (CON) 756 votes, Tony Ilott (CON) 716 votes, Banbury Neithrop North, Surinder Dhesi (LAB) 447 votes, Banbury Neithrop South, Alistair Milne-Home (CON) 368 votes, Banbury Park Road, Steve Kilsby (LAB) 167 votes, Banbury Ruscote, Mark Cherry (LAB) 1243 votes, Barry Richards (LAB) 1051 votes, Sean Woodcock (LAB) 1043 votes, Gordon Ross (LAB) 1002 votes, Banbury Town Centre, Hannah Banfield (LAB) 287 votes,